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Together, we are raising money to provide specialized sweatshirts for women recovering from mastectomy surgeries.  These sweatshirts are delivered prior to their surgery to handle the drains.

The cost to produce and ship one Hope Chest Sweatshirt is $45. When you donate to Hope Chest, you enable us to send sweatshirts to hospitals across the country to be delivered to their patients.

You can also request a Hope Chest Sweatshirt to be sent to yourself or another woman facing mastectomy surgery.  Let us be part of the healing story.

Grant a Hope Chest Sweatshirt

Specialized sweatshirts are provided to those facing mastectomy surgery.  These sweatshirts are delivered prior to surgery to handle the drains.  We appreciate any donations made to Hope Chest to continue our support, although it is not required.

Complete this form to grant a Hope Chest specialized sweatshirt to yourself or a loved one facing mastectomy surgery.
Who should we send the sweatshirt to?

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